Encounter and Experience The Ankole Culture at Nshenyi Village

Encounter and Experience The Ankole Culture at Nshenyi Village

Nshenyi Village located in Ntungamo District in the Southwestern part of Uganda is not your usual village. It is more of a cultural homestead which seats on 400 acres of land with many farmers growing millet, banana, local tomatoes, cattle keeping bee keeping in rocks and caves.

Tourists engage in the activities and even cook for themselves sometimes as part of the community. Other activities such as bird watching also take place in the forests of Nshenyi.

Part of Nshenyi Cultural Centre is also home of the Batwa Community who live in isolation and carry out activities like blacksmith and pottery. Tourists enjoy watching the Batwa do their clay works as they mold pots naturally without help of any tool. They later sell these to tourists as souvenirs.

Things not to miss-out on a Uganda cultural tour to Nshenyi village

•Traditional music and dance of South Western Uganda performed in the evening
•Traditional fishing
•Milking and processing of milk
•Nighttime campfire
•Nature walks
•Bird watching walks
•Visiting the Batwa Pygmy community

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