The Biharwe Eclipse Monument In Mbarara

November 2, 2017

The Biharwe monument in Mbarara was erected on Biharwe Hill in commemoration of the “Biharwe Eclipse” which was dated by astronomers and historians to have taken place in the year 1520 AD. As the only scientifically dated event in the early history of the Great Lakes Region, the eclipse, which was acknowledged in legends of Bunyoro, Buganda and Nkole, became the key benchmark that was used by historians to determine…


Meet Mbarara Local Farmers and Taste Their Fresh Fruits on Your Uganda Tour- Lake View Resort Hotel Mbarara

June 5, 2017

We believe that a day at the farmers market will get you excited about making healthy food choices by building a sense of connection to the Mbarara people who grow their food. You’ll meet farmers and learn where they farm, how they grow their crops, why they chose to farm and what’s in season. You’ll get to know local artisans, bakers & food purveyors. At Lake View Resort Hotel, our…


The Batwa (Twa) People of Western Uganda; Uganda Ancient Tribal Group

May 16, 2017

The Batwa (Twa) People of Western Uganda The Twa (Batwa) people have almost all been forced out of their ancestral forest homes, where they lived as nomadic hunters and gatherers, due to the clearing of forests for agriculture by neighboring tribes or the creation of national park in an effort to conserve the wildlife. One of Africa’s most ancient tribal groups, the Twa are now faced with a plight common…


Encounter and Experience The Ankole Culture at Nshenyi Village

March 22, 2017

Encounter and Experience The Ankole Culture at Nshenyi Village Nshenyi Village located in Ntungamo District in the Southwestern part of Uganda is not your usual village. It is more of a cultural homestead which seats on 400 acres of land with many farmers growing millet, banana, local tomatoes, cattle keeping bee keeping in rocks and caves. Tourists engage in the activities and even cook for themselves sometimes as part of…