The Batwa (Twa) People of Western Uganda; Uganda Ancient Tribal Group

May 16, 2017

The Batwa (Twa) People of Western Uganda The Twa (Batwa) people have almost all been forced out of their ancestral forest homes, where they lived as nomadic hunters and gatherers, due to the clearing of forests for agriculture by neighboring tribes or the creation of national park in an effort to conserve the wildlife. One of Africa’s most ancient tribal groups, the Twa are now faced with a plight common…


Visit Lake Mburo National Park For A Wildlife Tour in Mbarara

May 5, 2017

The Western region of Uganda is blessed with an array of beautiful natural sceneries ranging from the undulating relief, to the green vegetation cover which habours a lot of game and various plant species. The region also has fascinating water bodies, one prominent one being the Kitagata hot springs whose waters are believed to heal various diseases. As result of these attractions, the region has four of the national parks…